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A deep love of nature and desire to bring healing to the land and people brought Cynthia to Permaculture.  She obtained her Certification in Permaculture Design through Verge Permaculture in 2021 and has since worked independently and as a part of a collective on projects all over the United States.  These projects range from small residential backyards to community food banks to large restoration projects and healing centers.  Cynthia believes that working with nature, in service of all living things, is the key to a thriving ecosystem where humans experience their full potential of joy and love for the Earth.

With a background in music and technology, Cynthia brings an artistry to her work and communication with her clients.  Her mission is to help facilitate the cultural shift in the world.  One where we live more harmoniously with our natural resources and choose community and fair share above all.  Her design rendering skills, organization and enthusiasm in the field of permaculture makes her a desireable alley to fellow permaculture designers.  She is currently involved with Permaculture Canada, a company that focuses on preserving and restoring water systems, agroforestry and reclamation and Atmos Tree, a 2:1 regenerative tree planting service whose mission is to unite arborists through a regenerative alliance that plants more trees than they remove.  

Cynthia continues to explore the natural world through higher education, travel, and studying with mentors.  She is currently seeking a certification in Herbalism and building out her urban homestead and demonstration site to inspire her community in Fort Worth, Texas.  

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